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Brajastha Maithil Brahmans Migrated to Agra during the rule of Akbar

Akbar  had a deep respect towards the talents  knowledge of Phalit Jyotish,so he had invited, in his Darbar, the most talented  well-versed Maithil pandits from Mithila.These pandits lived happily and respectfully in the regime of Akbar which continued and gradually decreased in Jahangir's and then till Shahjahan's rule.In the meantime, these pandits got cut off from their basic origin i.e. Mithila.
Then afterwards in the reign of Aurangzeb these once respectful pandits were treated unrespectfully and were tortured. They were forced to accept Islam by Aurangzeb.Among them who dared to oppose this were brutually killed while all the others had to fled away to distant villages to save their lives. 
Since then they are living in Agra, Aligarh, Mathura and distant villages and started calling themselves "BRAJASTHA MAITHIL BRAHMAN" as a new identity.Even after so many years the fear of Aurangzeb is still there in the un-conscious mind of them.Due to this fear some of the Maithils have even changed their surname to "SHARMA" which is a local brahmin surname.
Brajastha Maithil Brahmans have little connections with their own origin Bihar's Maithil Brahmins.Even after changing their surname to "SHARMA" local brahmins too had little affinity with them. This migration information is also depicted in Akbar's autobiography "EIN-E-AKBARI".

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