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Hello Mithila:Dhirendra-Rupa

Those living in Mithila must be very familiar with "Hello Mithila' radio programme presented by Dhirendra Premarshi and Rupa Jha.The programme broad casted by Kantipur FM from the capital of Nepal,Kathmandu is more than a decade old now.But Maithils still wait eagerly for Saturday to listen to this.Now it is listened on the Internet all around the globe.
Modern Mithila is split physically:almost half of the Mathili spoken region falls under the territory of Nepal and half is in the Indian state of Bihar.Dhirendra-Rupa could not breach the physical divide but they have united them culturally.They have been instrumental in spreading political awareness through Hello Mithila as well.Dhirendra has emerged as the thinking intellectual of the region who devise ways to make people aware about their custom,language and tradition.Dhirendra and Rupa have sung hundreds of songs and you can expect a certain quality from them.
Bhaiya nai ayla kiya......sung by Rupa simply touches your soul.Dhirendre experiments and innovate his music and has single handedly raised the production bar of Maithili music composition.


karmveer said...

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karmveer said...

Dherendar bhaigi aha ke git hamra bad nik lagat ach lekin hamra net par bhet nai rahal ach aha se hamar nibedan ach je hamra jarur kono maithli gitak site batab pranam

SUDHIR said...

gaam me jab chhalo hello mithila khub pasnad kar chhalo muda jahia s delhi aelo proggram sune l behal rahe ci.dhirenji ke git murga delk bbang dulariya daru la khub pasand y aaha ke neh k bain seho khub nik lage y

sudhir mishra
khajuri madhepur madhubani
bihar (

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