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Maithil Brahmins

Maithil Brahmins ( Brāhamaṇas is the correct Sanskrit term) form part of ancient Vedic Brahmins. Maithil Brāhamaṇas are a part of Panch-gauda Pañchgauḍa , a group of highest ranking castesamong Brahmins, who still strive to follow rites and rituals according to ancient Hindu canons. Maithil Brahmin is a community of highly cohesive, and traditional Brahmins. They are reputated for orthodoxy and interest in learning.Most of them live in and around Mithila, which is a portion of North Bihar and few districts of South-east Bihar up to Godda and Deoghar in Jharkhand of India plus adjoining Terai regions ofNepal. Mithila was the name of capital of the ancient kingdom of legendary King Janak. Most of them are Śāktas (worshippers of Śakti) and love fish, Choora-dahi, Mangoes and discussions and debate.Maithili is their mother tongue, though many use Angika (a southern variant of Maithili) as their mother tongue.

They have four hierarchically ordered divisions: Śrotiya, Yogya or Joga, Panji (Pāinj in Maithili) and Jayawāra (which can be divided into Grihastha and Vamśa according to some scholars).They have no further endogamous divisions but observe a complicated rules for marriage, each of these four divisions may take a wife from the group below it.

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