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Mobile Phenomena And Maithili Music

Mobile phenomena has helped develop the Maithili Music spread its wings.There is every household with at least one Mobile set with FM Radio.And these are all blaring Maithili Songs incessantly.There are dozens of FM Stations in Nepal which are exploiting the situation.Tens of thousands of people tune into them religiously.

To cater to the masses Maithili Music seems to have taken on Bhojpuri music head on.You hear such cheap lyrics that is simply embarrassing.But these things sell so a new star is born overnight.You and me might find them cheap and vulgar but they have their fan followings.And only that matters to them.

There are people who are complaining about this trend but these very people never bought CD's containing Vidyapati Songs themselves,ever.Whereas these vulgarer musics have many takers.

Maithili singers who were starving a few years ago are booked now all thorough the year .They now command hefty fees .Hopefully this frenzy will be settled soon and quality will not be compromised any further.

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